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Studio Ally is web based support software for

For Studio / Event Owners

Take Online Payments


In just a few minutes you could accepting credit cards for:

  • Tuition and Recurring Billing
  • One time fee
  • Event Registration

Completely Secure, PCI compliant and simple.

Track Students


Keep track of your students and members, including:

  • Attendance
  • Charge history and Coverage
  • Custom Tags

Flexible system you can use anyway you want.

Manage Events


With just a few clicks you can run events with:

  • Online registration
  • Payment Acceptance and tracking
  • Management Forms

Great for small workshops and large tournaments.

- - - - Oh, and did we mention it's Free? - - - -

There is no charge for using the Studio Ally software - no matter how much you use it - and there are no hidden fees.

Try it now!

The best way to see if Studio Ally works for you is to try it.

There are no contracts, cancelation fees or any obligation for studio owners, so give it a shot - we don't even ask the studio owners for their credit card, because we never charge them for anything.

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What's the catch?

No catch. We'll put all our cards on the table. If you want to know why we do this or how we support the system (how we make money), we'd be happy to tell you.

For Students / Participants

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